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SDG Landing pad

VitaSim is testing their solution at a hospital in Tel Aviv

Through Innovation Center Denmark, the Danish healthtech startup VitaSim experienced firsthand why Israel is considered one of the world's most entrepreneurial countries.
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A collaboration between the Danish LifeScience Cluster and the Innovation Centre Denmark in Israel made it possible for the Danish startup VitaSim to go to Israel and test its solution at an Israeli hospital.

Since 2018, the startup VitaSim has specialized in virtual reality (VR) solutions particularly aimed at the health and research sector. The company is behind a number of innovative VR products, including a unique platform where educational institutions can offer students 'hands-on' teaching using virtual reality.


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The collaboration was part of the project SDG Landing Pad which consisted of Innovation Centre Denmark | CLEAN | Danish Life Science Cluster | DigitalLead | Rethink Sustainability Consultancy | Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai | Innovation Centre Denmark Boston | Innovation Centre Denmark Tel Aviv | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark | Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The project was financed by the Industrial Foundation and ran from January 2022 to December 2023.

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