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Connecting Danish innovation to global hotspots

Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) is on a mission to strengthen Danish innovation around the globe. With seven Innovation Centres placed strategically in innovative hotspots around the world, ICDK can help translate knowledge into growth through customised advisory support and through mediation of networks and partnerships with leading international partners. ICDK unites government bodies, academia and business through the triple helix model. 

Representing both the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, ICDK can provide tailor-made counselling, assistance and inspiration to Danish start-ups, SMEs, corporations, researchers and research institutions, as well as matchmaker organisations and public and private funding bodies  that wish to create innovation and carry out research and development by accessing the relevant knowledge hubs in the seven ICDK-locations – Munich, Tel Aviv, Bangalore, Seoul, Shanghai, Boston, and Silicon Valley

Triple Helix

Turning knowledge into growth

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ICDK Offers

  • International cross-sectional and cross-organisational partnerships based on proven concepts;
  • strategic advice based on deep insights and a decade of experience in supporting innovation collaboration;
  • exceptional networks, globally and locally, allowing to tap into international knowledge flows, talent pools and innovation environments;
  • improved framework conditions for international research and innovation partnerships;
  • access to public and private decision makers abroad;
  • access to funding opportunities at home and abroad.

Each of the seven Centres have individual tasks and individual knowledge within three main areas of expertise – Green Transition, Life ScienceTech. Some Centres may have other areas of expertise depending on the local market and R&D (research and development) eco-system.

Our advisers help you with strategy, market introduction and matchmaking. We can introduce you to strategic partnerships, sectors or investment opportunities, transforming local knowledge to the benefit of Danish companies and institutions.




  • Innovation Camps

  • Innovation Sparring

  • Tech Scouting

  • Partners Match-Making

  • Market Introduction




  • Academy

  • Accelerate

  • SDG Landing Pad Program




  • Top Global Tech Trends

  • Research Partners

  • Funding

  • MOUs

  • Outlook Reports

  • Innovation Projects

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