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Welcome to Innovation Centre Denmark in Bangalore. We build bridges between Denmark and India through strong partnerships to ensure a sustainable future.

We provide services for companies, public stakeholders, and research and educational institutions. Our focus is to help Danish startups to navigate the innovation ecosystem of India and provide assistance in getting access to the market and relevant partners. We enable research and innovation collaborations between Danish and Indian research institutions.

India is a vibrant destination for innovation and research and is known for having a diverse talent pool and scalable technologies. We are located in Bangalore, which is a dynamic innovation hub with leading research institutions, thriving start-ups, and multinational corporations. It is recognised for its leading advancements in IT, biotechnology, and space research. This vibrant ecosystem makes Bangalore and the rest of India an ideal destination for Danish companies and institutions looking to tap into a flourishing environment for innovation and growth.

Areas of expertise

  • Deeptech & AI

  • Biosolutions

  • Clean Energy & P2X

  • Life Science & HealthTech

  • Space

  • Entrepreneurship

Highlights from Bangalore

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Bangalore Services

Gain access & credibility with the right innovation stakeholders in the Indian market through ICDK's network. 

Access to Strategic Partnerships & Platforms

We provide strategic advice in supporting innovation and business collaborations. Since our inception, we have built an extensive network in India that allows you to access international knowledge flows, talent pools and the innovation system in general. We can match you with desired institutions – be it government agencies, research institutions, universities, incubators & accelerators, experts, investors, or companies.

Market Exploration

We can help you explore the market in India to help you understand the viability of your product or service or even idea for emerging markets; and how you can develop or iterate your offerings for the Indian market.

We create opportunities for Danish companies to learn from and partner with their Indian counterparts by arranging delegations, immersion programs and meetings between relevant actors.

Internationalisation and Scaling Consulting

Are you a Danish firm seeking to enter the Indian market or attract foreign capital?

Innovation Centre Denmark is a preferred partner when Danish companies seek to expand into the Indian market or seek funding opportunities in India. We are well versed in Indian business, research and innovation culture, and can enable contact and engagement with relevant external stakeholders.

Knowledge Transfer

India is seeking to emerge as a leading knowledge and research economy by collaborating and transferring scientific research into commercial and scalable solutions which is the foundation of their thriving innovation ecosystem. Our strong network with R&D centres and universities provides a promising scope for fruitful knowledge transfer activities.

Publications from Bangalore

You can read more about the latest developments and priorities in the listed publications.

News from Bangalore

Get insights about India and news about upcoming events. 

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