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Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai is the trusted advisor for Danish stakeholders within innovation, technology, digitalization, science and higher education across China.

Shanghai Areas of expertise

  • Life Science & Healthcare

  • Greentech & Cleantech

  • Sustainable Transition

  • Digitalisation and Entrepreneurship

  • Internationalisation

  • Higher Education

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Shanghai Services

Based on more than a decade of experience in building and developing strategic collaboration between Denmark and China, Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai (ICDK Shanghai) offers companies and research institutions a wide range of services.

Strategic Partnerships

ICDK Shanghai organises a wide range of activities for Danish higher education institutions. 

ICDK Shanghai facilitates partnerships between Danish and Chinese stakeholders. Our Danish partners include well-established institutions that already are deeply engaged in collaborations with Chinese partners,
as well as partners that seek to enter new partnerships. 

When entering China, network is key. Since 2007, ICDK Shanghai has continuously grown and created a large knowledge-sharing platform that allows you to build new relations and connect with Chinese colleagues. ICDK Shanghai provides strategic advice and guidance as well as assists your organisation through challenges that may arise. 

Moreover, ICDK Shanghai arranges camps for students and companies to solve real-life challenges. The aim is to strengthen the entrepreneurial competences of students and employees as well as provide the company with new ideas and inputs.

Knowledge Transfer

China is a technological powerhouse and the world's largest digital economy. The rapid digital transformation is shaped by innovation and research. ICDK Shanghai believes that Denmark can incorporate some of these innovative components to gain a stronger competitive advantage by learning from China. Also, the research capabilities underpinning the green transition is at the global forefront. 

ICDK Shanghai supports Danish institutions in understanding the Chinese development through delegation trips, online programs and meetings between relevant actors in China. Among these are firms, hospitals, universities and government bodies.

Internationalisation and Scaling

Are you a Danish firm or research institution seeking to enter the Chinese market or looking for Chinese partners? In either case, our team is ready to assist you throughout the whole process of your establishment in China.

ICDK Shanghai is the preferred partner when Danish companies seek to understand the Chinese market. Combining our expertise in Chinese business culture, our extensive network and more than a decade of experience in boosting the understanding between Denmark and China, we know who to contact and engage with during your initial meetings and contact-points. 

News from Shanghai

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