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Boston is a prolific Life Science Ecosystem representing world leading hospitals, high-ranked Universities, the most successful Life Sciences companies, and a plethora of innovative start-ups having sprung out and matured in this environment. An ideal cluster for Danish companies, start-ups and institutions to be positioned in.

Boston Areas of expertise

  • Life Sciences

  •  Green Transition

  • Hospital Innovation

  • Bioconvergence & Bio-Solutions

the unique ecosystem of boston

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Boston Services

At Innovation Centre Denmark Boston, we support Danish science and innovation through our extensive knowledge of the Boston innovation ecosystem. We facilitate collaboration between research institutions, start-ups, SMEs, and large corporations from Denmark and Boston. We have a specific focus on accelerating the entry of Danish Life Science and Green Tech companies into the US by identifying relevant collaborators, professional and academic networks, and investors.

Business Development 

We have the expertise to provide your company with short- and long-term counsel on the most effective strategies to facilitate innovation and thereby internationalisation.

By collaborating with us, a part of the Danish government, we help your business to strengthen its relationships with innovation stakeholders and its overall presence in Boston, providing valuable opportunities for your company to expand within the fields of life sciences, hospitals and green transition.

Knowledge sharing

Through our presence in Boston, we have fostered collaborations with world-leading researchers and universities as well as start-ups, SMEs, and large companies on the US East Cost. One of our primary goals is to share all our insights to strengthen Danish innovation.

We identify the latest trends in green transition, biotech, bioconvergence, and bio-solutions, and we frequently share this knowledge through our media platforms, thematic reports, research webinars, and consultations with companies and universities. 

Research Collaboration & Exchange 

Boston is well known for its excellent research institutions, and at ICDK Boston, we have a strong academic network through which we can facilitate access to international knowledge flows, talent pools, and the latest research trends from Boston. We have a track record of enabling partnerships between universities in Boston and Danish organizations, such as the Danish MIT-fellowship program and the Elite Robotics summer school, promoting bilateral knowledge sharing and research collaborations.


Are you a Danish company seeking to enter the market of Boston or attract foreign capital? We can help you.

Innovation Centre Denmark in Boston is a preferred partner when Danish companies seek to expand into  Boston/Greater Boston Area on a innovation agenda. We hold a strong network of partners and we are experts in the unique Ecosystem of Boston, and we know who to reach out to and engage with during your initial meetings and contact-points.

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