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Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is one of the world's leading hubs for research, innovation and start-ups. An ideal market for Danish companies and institutions.

Tel Aviv Areas of expertise

  • GreenTech and FoodTech

  • Life Science

  • Cyber Security and Quantum Technologies

  • Internationalisation and Scaling of Early-Stage Startups

HIghlights from Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv Services

Based on a decade of experience in engaging in the Israeli innovation ecosystem we have developed proven skills and knowledge to integrate Danish institutions in Israel. We provide a wide range of services targeted to Danish institutions of which the following is our most common value-adds. 

Strategic Partnerships

We provide strategic advise in supporting innovation and business collaborations. During the past decade we have built an extensive network in Israel that allows you to tap into international knowledge flows, talent pools and the innovation system in general. We can partner you up with desired institutions - whether this be public bodies, research institutions, experts, financial institutions or companies.

Knowledge Transfer

Israel is world-leading in transferring scientific research into commercial and scalable solutions which is the foundation of their thriving innovation ecosystem. We believe that Denmark can do better and learn from Israel in this sense.

Therefore, we strive to help Danish institutions to learn from their Israeli counterparts by arranging delegations, programs and meetings between relevant actors. Among these are firms, hospitals and government bodies conducting innovation policy. 

Internationalisation and Scaling Consulting

Are you a Danish firm seeking to enter the Israeli market or attract foreign capital? We can help you as we have helped numerous previous firms.

Innovation Centre Denmark is a preferred first partner when Danish companies seek to expand into the Israeli market or fundraise in Israel. We are experts in Israeli business culture and we know who to contact and engage with during your initial meetings and contact-points.

News from Tel Aviv

Get insights from Israel and news about our upcoming events.

Our team in Tel Aviv