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Green Transition

Denmark is world leading in GreenTech innovation and an entrepreneurial green frontrunner. Energy and environmental policies, research and innovative Danish companies have placed Denmark among world leaders in green and efficient energy and water technology. Green transition is a global challenge and international collaboration is a key to further developing innovative solutions.

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Environmental awareness has increased over the last decades. This has amplified the interest for production of green goods and services, both nationally and internationally. Sales and exports of green solutions to the global market are the main drivers of the green growth in Denmark. The increased focus on green growth and green transition worldwide increases demand for Danish technology and knowhow, as well as for international cooperation.

The Danish Government has published Denmark’s first national strategy for investments in green research, technology, and innovation, Green Solutions of the future, in September 2020. The strategy sets a clear direction for the Danish green research and innovation effort in order to accelerate the development of technologies and solutions, which can help protect our climate, nature and environment. The goal is to enable greenhouse gas reductions and strengthen the green frontrunner position of Danish industries to the benefit of exports and green jobs in Denmark.

The Danish Government has furthermore launched the Global Climate Action Strategy A Green and Sustainable World in October 2020. This new long-term strategy on global climate action sets the direction for Denmark’s international climate efforts in the coming years.

The aim is to:

  • Increase global climate ambition
  • Reduce global greenhouse gas emissions
  • Strengthen focus on adaptation and sustainable development
  • Shift financial flows to green
  • Cooperate with the private sector on green solutions

The market for green technology is expected to grow in the future as more countries prioritise a green agenda. The green transition is an opportunity for Denmark to strengthen the domestic market for green energy and climate solutions as much as an opportunity to demonstrate green solutions on a large and internationally oriented scale. This increases the possibilities for Danish businesses to export to the growing global market. 

The possibilities to test and demonstrate new green technology also attract foreign companies, who see an opportunity for testing their products in an advanced energy system with a high level/share of renewable energy.