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Life Science

Home to one of the strongest life science clusters in the world there is no doubt that life science is a key industry in Denmark, as well as an industry that depends on global cooperation. Denmark is a respected international health laboratory. The key to that reputation is the close interplay between public and private partners across science, education and regulatory affairs.

Sector information

A keen political focus on life sciences in Denmark has created the best possible framework conditions for research and development. Over the years, this has attracted many strong industry players. The Danish government has taken active steps to boost the life science industry even more by presenting a new Life Science Strategy (2021).

The fact that the life science industry is a key industry in Denmark is illustrated by numbers, employing more than 49.000 workers and showing impressive export figures - in 2020, the industry accounted for 22 percent of all Danish exports, making it one of the country’s absolutely largest export areas. Furthermore, medical and health science is the highest priority research areas by far, accounting for more than one third of all public research investments. 

The strategy is built to further enhance the national healthcare system and create an excellent environment for business and science. It consists of 38 initiatives within 7 themes:

  • Better framework for research and development
  • Better use of health data
  • Denmark as a showcase for life science
  • Attracting talent
  • Targeted internationalization and government cooperation
  • Green growth
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration

Life sciences companies contribute impressively to both R&D, economic progress and employment in Denmark - and foreign life sciences companies play an important role in this as well.

Publication overview

You can read more about the latest developments and priorities in the listed publications.