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Launching smart wearable brand Deeprio in India

After a successful establishment in the US and Europe, Danish research and design company Deep Nordic was keen on launching the brand Deeprio in India. However, launching a new product in the cluttered Indian market for smart wearables required the perfect platform to get the right kind of visibility for the Danish startup.

Brand exposure and visibility in the fastest growing smartwatch market

Deep Nordic ApS is a Danish research and design company founded by Michael Bruun Larsen in 2021. It is centred on the development of MCU-based embedded systems and software. Headquartered in Copenhagen, the company operates an R&D and manufacturing facility in Shanghai and now specialises in energy efficient consumer products in the smart wearable industry in the US and Europe.


One of Deep Nordic’s key brands is Deeprio. The smart wearable brand brings the best of the Nordic values, design trends and technological innovation into the everyday lives of consumers through smart technology at an affordable price. Following their accomplishments in the US and European markets, the company was now ready to take on the second largest and the fastest growing smartwatch market in the world – India. To succeed, getting the brand exposure and visibility from the start was key.

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Client testimonial

"We are extremely grateful for the support provided by ICDK Bangalore for the successful launch of our Deeprio brand in the Indian market. The team at ICDK, including Prashanth G.V. and Joseph Kurian, facilitated our brand launch at the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2022 in the presence of Consul General, Eske Bo Rosenberg and a prominent local government official. In addition, ICDK organised meetings with top managements of Flipkart and Amazon India, which resulted in initial sales of our products on these platforms. We look forward to continuing our partnership with ICDK and their professional colleagues in the future." 
Michael Bruun Larsen Founder, Deep Nordic

Asia’s largest tech summit as a launch pad

In order to solve Deep Nordic’s challenge of getting the desired visibility for Deeprio, ICDK Bangalore arranged a tour and crafted a launch program for the brand centered around the Bengaluru Tech Summit (BTS) 2022 – India’s annual flagship technology and innovation event that sees a footfall of more than 50,000 people. Leveraging on Denmark’s position as a longstanding Global Innovation Alliance partner for the state of Karnataka, ICDK Bangalore was able to offer Deeprio a branding platform as a part of its Danish Pavilion. Here, an exclusive launch event was held with high profile participants from both Danish and Indian stakeholders. Alongside, ICDK Bangalore arranged meetings with top management of potential collaboration partners for Deeprio.

A foundation for future business ventures and brand development

With a successful launch at Asia’s largest tech summit, Bengaluru Tech Summit, Deeprio is now well underway to building a solid presence in the Indian ecosystem for smart wearables. Furthermore, the launch helped the company gain access to the leading Indian e-commerce platforms, Flipkart and Appario, which has now led to initial sales for Deeprio. The success of the brand launch in Bangalore also encouraged Deep Nordic’s plans to use India as a research, design and manufacturing hub for local and international market products in the future.

Scaling your tech startup with ICDK Bangalore

Events like Bengaluru Tech Summit are excellent platforms to create large impacts for small Danish enterprises. Combining participation with ICDK Bangalore’s extensive network and knowledge of the local innovation ecosystem, the opportunities for scaling your tech startup are plentiful.