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Students from IT University of Copenhagen travel to four leading innovation ecosystems – virtually

In 2022 and 2023, over the course of four Fridays in November and December, Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) in Silicon Valley together with its colleagues in Shanghai, Bangalore and Tel Aviv, and its partner in Denmark, IT University of Copenhagen (ITU), travelled virtually to four cutting-edge tech ecosystems. Here, the students met inspirational tech leaders, founders, experts and investors from India, China, Israel and USA. During the four days, the students explored how digitalisation is applied across the value chain in various industries and different regions of the world.

Gaining global insights through virtual learning

ITU has a strong reputation for its cutting-edge research and collaborations with industry partners in the field of information technology and computer science. However, ITU faces a challenge in staying at the forefront of developments and understanding the global playing field of digital transformation. Businesses are increasingly going online and interacting with customers and partners on a global scale, and therefore ITU must ensure its curriculum is up-to date and addresses the most pressing global issues.

Therefore, the university has collaborated with ICDK to connect with the strong tech hubs of Shanghai, Bangalore, Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley. This helps the university to stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in digital transformation without having a physical presence in these innovation hotspots.

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The collaboration with ICDK gives our Master's students the international perspective to orient themselves in a rapidly changing world. The students are introduced to the latest digital technologies and business models at the forefront of international development. Moreover, they become aware of the variety and the different ways in which digitalization can be transformative for citizens, consumers, organizations, companies and society.
Lars Rune Christensen Associate Professor and Head of Technologies in Practice (TiP) Research Group, IT University of Copenhagen

A global masterclass in digitalisation

To provide the students of ITU with an understanding of digital transformation internationally – on the premise that there should be no travel involved – ICDK set up an online program consisting of four days of classes during the course of November and December 2022 – “Jorden rundt på fire dage” (“Around the World in Four Days”).

Each day consisted of 4-5 keynote speakers from various industries that gave their local perspective on digital transformation and how technologies like AI, machine learning, Web3 and new platforms are currently changing the landscape. Rotating between four countries, the students were exposed to new perspectives on digital transformation from Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Bangalore and Silicon Valley, providing the students and ITU with a comprehensive and up-to-date global vision on digital transformation without even leaving Denmark.

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I hope that a better understanding of the workings of the tech giants and the world that fostered them, will make us in the Danish public sector better at cooperating with them, and knowing when to use their services, and when not to. Furthermore, I believe keeping pace with the innovation centres of the world, will be a societal effort for all actors in Denmark. And a high degree of knowledge of what is happening abroad is the first step.
Kristian Heunicke Direktør, Kommunernes Landsforening (KL)

Insights from around the world – without travelling

The impact of machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other emerging technologies will not be limited to the tech industry, but will be applied across all industrial sectors. Thanks to ICDK’s global presence in leading tech hubs around the world, it was possible for ITU to gain unique access and insights into the impact of digitalisation globally. The virtual masterclass “Around the World in Four Days” was the third time ICDK in Silicon Valley facilitated this global class, and with another masterclass already in the planning for 2023, it is safe to say that the partnership is a success. 

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I signed up for the course to get a global perspective on digital transformation and I definitely think the course has lived up to my expectations. The course covers a wide range of topics, and there is something for everyone. In particular, I have been enthusiastic about Jacob Johansen's presentation on digital platforms and user centric practices in China. But also, presentations on AI and the thoughts around data ethics have made an impression - especially the statement, that a new startup's biggest asset compared to the big established companies is ethics.

Iben M.H. Højsgaard Andel Energi
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I have gotten a much higher level of understanding of what makes innovation and digital transformation possible in the different hot spots in the world.

Think globally – solve locally

By exploring and understanding digital transformation with a global partner like ICDK, educational institutions, such as ITU, as well as private companies can stay at the forefront of technological developments and capitalise on the opportunities of the digital age. Reach out and find out, how we can help you stay competitive in today’s digital and global society.