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TEGnology: Harnessing Heat for a Greener Future in China

Meet Hao Yin, the founder and CEO of TEGnology. His mission? To revolutionize the power supply for industrial sensors. 

Innovative Technology: Converting Heat to Electricity

With the support of Danish universities, TEGnology has developed an incredible invention that directly converts heat into electricity, completely eliminating CO2 emissions and the need for complex chemical reactions or moving parts. TEGnology has successfully launched its product in Denmark, Europe, and the U.S. And currently, they have their sights set on the Chinese market. To navigate this vast and complex landscape, Hao Yin saw an opportunity when he saw the call for the SDG Landing Pad Waste Management delegation trip to China, organized by CLEAN Cluster and Innovation Centre Denmark Shanghai. He believed it was the perfect chance to get a taste of the Chinese market.

Targeting the Chinese Market: Strategy and Opportunities

Hao Yin acknowledges the importance of professional guidance when entering the Chinese market. He credits Innovation Centre Denmark Shanghai (ICDK) for their valuable insights and assistance. ICDK helped TEGnology connect with local stakeholders and identify the right partners, lending credibility to TEGnology’s innovative solutions.

The results surpassed Hao Yin's expectations. During the five-day trip, TEGnology established promising partnerships with interested Chinese companies eager to implement their technology. Although the process may take time, it marks an excellent starting point for TEGnology's expansion in Asia.


Advice for Danish Companies Entering China

Hao Yin encourages Danish companies facing similar decisions to take the leap and explore opportunities in China for themselves. But sparring and advice should be utilised if you have no prior knowledge about the market. 

TEGnology's determination to bring their innovative solution to the Chinese market, powered by strategic partnerships and a commitment to sustainability, can pave the way for a greener future in China and beyond.

Picture of Hao Yin from TEGnology
Hao Yin from TEGnology