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Kanda’s innovation journey in the South Korean metaverse ecosystem 

By attending ICDK Seoul's Metaverse Innovation Camp, Kanda, a Danish software company specialising in virtual reality training, gained valuable insights and connections within the metaverse industry in South Korea. As a result of the camp, Kanda was able to establish a strong network and gained a deeper understanding of the South Korean metaverse ecosystem, which is recognised as one of the leading nations in the metaverse field.

Tapping into South Korea’s booming metaverse industry

Kanda is a Danish software company that utilises virtual reality to create immersive human-centred virtual training platforms. Their solution enables training without physical boundaries – in the “metaverse” – specifically in the maritime, healthcare and wind energy sector.

Virtual reality is a rapidly evolving market ripe with potential for innovation and growth – and a technological field where South Korea is a frontrunner. For Kanda, exploring ‘K-tech’ and expanding their network to South Korea was therefore a perfect opportunity to gain the knowledge, inspiration and connections needed to continue growing and innovating in their industry, both at home and abroad.

Exploring network and collaboration opportunities through the Metaverse Innovation Camp

In January 2021, ICDK Seoul established a “Metaverse Alliance” of Danish and Korean companies. The alliance seeks to promote industry growth and contribute to the development of the metaverse ecosystem through a collaborative framework supported by both private entities and government agencies. Kanda is part of the alliance, so when ICDK Seoul in June 2022 arranged an innovation camp for the alliance members and Danish stakeholders in the metaverse ecosystem, Kanda jumped on the plane to the South Korean capital.

During the week-long camp, Kanda participated in a variety of activities aimed at equipping them with insights into the latest developments in the metaverse industry and laying the groundwork for further ventures into the South Korean market. This included B2B meetings and networking events with potential partners, investors and clients, as well as visits to metaverse and AI-related facilities. The camp furthermore gave Kanda access to the Asia’s biggest tech trade show, Smart Tech Korea 2022.
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Client testimonial

“An amazing Metaverse Alliance trip to Seoul has come to an end. But thanks to ICDK and their impressive effort to facilitate initial meetings and network opportunities, the dialogues with local companies and partners continue. Our best recommendation to all actors interested in exploring business opportunities and fruitful collaboration in one of the most innovative regions in the world.”
Lene Thirup, Business Development Director, Kanda ApS
  • CS Wind corp: They were not part of the program, but I eventually participated in a Kotra webinar and had a chance to spark a dialogue with the Co-CEO Knud Bjarne Hansen and there might be some interest from their part to be introduced to VR training and capacity building. 

Kanda branches out in Korea

On top of facilitating meetings and workshops, ICDK Seoul also supported Kanda by providing essential translation services and information on the intricacies of South Korean business culture, including insights into investment processes. As a result of the inspiration, network and knowledge gained through the innovation camp, Kanda has decided to return to South Korea for further meetings and business activities. With several demos lined up with important stakeholders from departments at Maersk Korea and Japan, Kanda left the innovation camp with optimism about the promising dialogues that had been initiated, expecting to reap the benefits from the camp in the coming time.

K-tech at the forefront

With a steady stream of large government investments in R&D, Seoul has manifested itself as a global tech hotspot. For Danish companies looking to take advantage of the emerging business and innovation opportunities in the metaverse and other rising tech industries, ICDK Seoul provides an excellent knowledge and networking platform. Get in touch and find out how you can participate in the next innovation camp, focusing on the metaverse or one of the many other tech industries where South Korea excels.


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