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DKBIO is a platform for MedTrace to meet US life science actors

MedTrace is a Danish company dedicated to becoming a global leader in perfusion imaging. Their goal is to innovate PET diagnostic imaging by transforming blood flow quantification by making 15O-water PET practically available in clinical settings.


MedTrace is based in Denmark, Sweden, and the US, with US being MedTrace’s future key market. With its 2022 FDA approval of the initiation of the RAPID-WATER-FLOW phase 3 clinical trial, MedTrace is now on its way to broader internationalization. Thus, MedTrace was using DKBIO as one of the means to build and maintain their US network of investors, pharma corporates, advisors etc., as well as to get the latest trends in the US life science industry with respect to the commercial and regulatory activities. 

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Client testimonial

“We are back at DKBIO for the fourth time. This year, I especially enjoyed the panel debate about partnering with pharmaceutical companies, but also the panel debate on US IPOs. As we are planning on moving towards an IPO in the future, it was interesting hearing experiences and key learnings from companies who have done an US IPO“
Martin Stenfeldt CEO MedTrace

ICDK approach

Each year, ICDK Boston organizes the conference DKBIO to serve as a platform for Danish and Scandinavian biotech and medtech companies to meet with each other and US stakeholders. 

This year, the DKBIO conference was held at Kendall Square (most innovative square mile on the planet) giving the participants the opportunity to take part in the Bostonian life science ecosystem with world-renowned universities, start-ups, life science corporates, and capital institutions in close proximity. 

The program consisted of educational panel debates, company presentations, and time for networking and 1:1 meetings. The panel debates focused on five themes: 1) Biotech, medtech & dealmaking; 2) Experiences from Scandinavia to US; 3) Investing in Scandinavia; 4) US healthcare trends and priorities; and 5) Accessing the US market. More than 20 different panellists and speakers participated e.g. from J&J Innovation, Takeda, Moderna, Amgen, Pfizer, Mass General Brigham etc.

ICDK Boston is working mainly within life science and has a strong network of life science experts, clinicians, and investors in the Boston and Massachusetts area. ICDK Boston plans and executes the DKBIO conference and is in dialog with the Danish companies such as MedTrace throughout the planning and execution phase. 

Thus, the two day conference was a way for MedTrace to benefit from ICDK Boston’s local connections and build new relations. 


DKBIO gave Martin Stenfeldt and MedTrace an opportunity to build the essential relationships with US stakeholders and investors, present their own company at the conference, and have 5+ 1:1 meetings during the two days. In addition, the educational panel debates provided MedTrace valuable insights to how to go about partnering with US companies and moving towards a US IPO. In summary, the DKBIO conference was a good stepping stone to further establish MedTrace on its journey towards internationalization and broader commercialization in the US. 



There is a need to showcase the best Danish and Scandinavian life science innovation in the US and DKBIO serves as a good platform for this. By gathering the most innovative Danish biotech and medtech SMEs as well as US investors, corporates, regulatory experts, etc., there is opportunity to bridge innovation across the Atlantic and create better solutions for companies and ultimately the patients.


If DKBIO sounds interesting for your company, please don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected]

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