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Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai Brings Master's Students Closer to Real-World Challenges

Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai has helped master’s students engage with real-world challenges. Students in the Master's program in Innovation Management at the Sino-Danish Center near Beijing have, for the second time, had the opportunity to bridge the gap between academia and reality through the Real World Innovation Challenge.

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These students have been given the chance to develop and pitch ideas to Nine United, facilitated by Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai, which has served as the strategic partner and liaison between SDC and Nine United.

One of the first-year students in the second round of the program, Daniel Blæsdahl Nielsen, shares his experience. Working in groups, he and his peers have learned a great deal along the way, although it has also been challenging. This experience has brought them closer to understanding the operations of a Danish company in China. Translating theoretical knowledge from their studies into practical ideas that had to be refined along the way has been both a rewarding and challenging journey.

In addition to online conversations with representatives, the students have had the opportunity to step out of the classroom and participate in pitching sessions for managers from Nine United in Shanghai, organised by Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai.

Christian Jonstrup, Head of Research and Sustainability at ICDK in Shanghai, highlights the collaborative nature of this effort. He notes that this model of collaboration offers significant synergies and potential for the future, which is why they are now in the second year of this initiative.

This educational program is a collaboration between Nine United, SDC, and ICDK in Shanghai.


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