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SDG Landing Pad

Startup behind new way of cultivating “the bacon of the sea” and is set on the US! 

Danish Oceanwide Seaweed is one step closer to the American dream, after having participated in Innovation Centre Denmark's SDG Landing Pad project and having entered into a partnership with the textile giant Gore.

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The company is behind a new technology specifically aimed at sustainable cultivation of the reddish sole ('palmaria palmata') - the type of seaweed that is also called 'the bacon of the sea' for its distinctive umami character, considered by many to be one of the best alternatives to meat.

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The collaboration was part of the project SDG Landing Pad which consisted of Innovation Centre Denmark | CLEAN | Danish Life Science Cluster | DigitalLead | Rethink Sustainability Consultancy | Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai | Innovation Centre Denmark Boston | Innovation Centre Denmark Tel Aviv | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark | Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The project was financed by the Industrial Foundation and ran from January 2022 to December 2023.

OceanWide Seaweed

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