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Supporting Sino-Danish science collaborations in the health industry

Global research collaborations are essential for innovation that improves human health. That is why ICDK Shanghai and Danish bioscience company Chr. Hansen have worked together to support Sino-Danish research within the food and ingredient industry.

One of the world’s most sustainable companies

Chr. Hansen is one of the biggest bioscience companies in the world. The company produces natural ingredients for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries and is a global market leader in dairy ingredients. In fact, it is estimated that every second yoghurt and cheese product in the world contains at least one natural ingredient from Chr. Hansen, such as cultures, enzymes or probiotics.

The company is always on the hunt for new research-based innovations to further human health within many areas, such as Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO) – complex prebiotics that exist in breastmilk and are essential to infants’ health. The HMO market is booming in the entire Asia-Pacific region (APAC) and expected to continue its growth in the next decade. This creates a high demand for top-notch products and makes the APAC-market a strategic priority for multiple companies.

To enable Chr. Hansen to seize the opportunities ahead, ICDK Shanghai helped the company create new collaborations and knowledge sharing with scientists and research institutions within the competitive Chinese infant nutrition market.

ICDK and Chr Hansen Pavilion
Chr. Hansen’s pavilion was a popular site during FIC 2023, the largest food and ingredient exhibition in Asia. ICDK Shanghai met up with Chr. Hansen during the exhibition where Ma Lei, China Public Affairs Manager, also held a presentation on HMOs.
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Client testimonial

"The collaboration with ICDK Shanghai can facilitate exciting discussions between Danish and Chinese scientists exchanging insights on all aspects of HMO, including science, manufacturing and regulatory approval processes for HMOs for infant formula in China"
Christian Dehlholm Head of APAC Public & Regulatory Affairs, Chr. Hansen

Roundtable talks improve children’s health

Life science and health tech are two of ICDK Shanghai’s key sector strengths. We have worked together with Chr. Hansen on different activities to connect the company with top scientists and researchers bilaterally.

This included a webinar on HMO research co-hosted between The Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai and Chr. Hansen, guested by scientific advisors and professors from Chr. Hansen, Southern University of Science and Technology, University of Copenhagen, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jiangnan University. The webinar was concluded by a panel discussion serving as a platform for knowledge-exchange and talks on future Sino-Danish business collaborations within child nutrition.

ICDK wants to be the preferred partner when innovative Danish companies seek to understand the Chinese market. That’s why ICDK Shanghai provided Chr. Hansen with inputs on new market entries by using our large sector knowledge within health tech and life science. We often use tools like sector mapping to investigate new approaches for companies that are curious on the most current market intakes abroad. We also provided this service for Chr. Hansen within HMO publications based on Scopus.

A new market awaits

The collaboration between Chr. Hansen and ICDK has bridged new partnerships between the Danish and Chinese research ecosystems and paved the way for interesting market entries.

Chr. Hansen is currently working to get a formal approval of their HMOs from the Chinese government – a lengthy process requiring testing and trials to both approve the HMOs and the different products containing them.

We’re looking much forward to seeing Chr. Hansen’s HMOs in China and improving the global health of children!

On September 27 2022, ICDK Shanghai and Chr. Hansen co-hosted a webinar on HMOs together with industry experts from both Denmark and China.
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At Chr. Hansen, we want to support healthy infant development. We are very proud to see approvals in new and existing markets, so more infants can benefit from infant formula closer to breast milk.
Jesper Sig Mathiasen Senior Vice President, Chr. Hansen HMO

We are experts on China’s life science and health tech industry

If you are a Danish company interested in learning more about China’s food and ingredient industry or health tech industry, do not hesitate to contact ICDK Shanghai. It is our pleasure to assist you.

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