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Global Tech Trends

Collaboration between Techsavvy media and Innovation Centre Denmark

In the ever-changing technological landscape, Innovation Centre Denmark has once again this year taken on a fascinating task called "Global Tech Trends." Through our network of seven global innovation centres, in Munich, Bangalore, Shanghai, Seoul, Tel Aviv, Silicon Valley, Boston and in collaboration with TechSavvy Media, we have put together a collection of some of the world's most current and influential tech trends.

12 essential reports

This initiative has led to the creation of 12 essential reports, each accompanied by insightful podcast episodes. The reports cover a wide range of topics, from the transformative possibilities of artificial intelligence to the sustainable future of green mobility.


Dive into these reports and explore them in depth by visiting: 12 Global Tech Trends

In addition, we had the honour of hosting the Global Tech Trends conference on 11 September, 2023, where we facilitated a day dedicated to knowledge sharing. The conference offered attendees the opportunity to dive deeper into the tech trends shaping the future and their potential impact on the way we run and manage our businesses and societies. The conference was carefully structured into five sessions, each focused on a distinct area of innovation:


  • Life Science: Realising the development potential of the healthcare sector.
  • Green Mobility: New technologies: Challenges and opportunities for Denmark.
  • Space: The latest trends from a global perspective.
  • Carbon Removal & Green Hydrogen: Global trends, interconnections and opportunities.
  • AI & Metaverse: Potential for the future: Generative AI and metaverse join forces to shape a new reality.


In addition, we extend an invitation to immerse yourself in our technology trends through our weekly podcast series. Every Wednesday, we release a new episode that delves into the potential of technology, innovation and its potential to reshape our lives and the world as we know it.