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Industry On Campus 2022

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26-27 OCTOBER 2022 Industry on campus in southern germany

The purpose of the program is to engage with strategic research and innovation partnerships in Baden-Württemberg. This includes gaining insights into how long-term R&I collaboration is organized and what impact it can have for the partners involved. The program will give participants an opportunity to exchange experiences on how public-private platforms for research and innovation can be strengthened in both Denmark and Germany. 

Expected output for participants

  • Increased knowledge of cooperation between universities, RTOs and companies in Southern Germany. Inspiration on how to strengthen collaboration between research organizations in Denmark, including
    • "Under one roof" collaboration between companies and universities as well as other research organizations
    • How companies in Southern Germany invest directly in research and key technologies
    • What motivates universities, research organizations and governments to enter into close partnerships with industry
  • Opportunities and challenges of various partnership models, including how to ensure freedom of research (including freedom of research methods) while conducting high-quality application-oriented research relevant to the companies involved
  • Opportunity for closer relations and networking between Danish and German companies and research organizations in the intersection between applied research, knowledge/technology transfer, and strategic investments in future product development.

The expected output is that the participating Danish institutions and companies will find inspiration and use the learnings in their own work with campus models and in strengthening public-private collaboration in Denmark, as well as with German partners.

Specific focus in 2022
The camp is a follow-up to the Industry on Campus Camps organized by ICDK Munich in 2020 and 2021. The program in October 2022 will have specific emphasis on the role of test & demonstration facilities and infrastructure in partnerships between research organizations and industry. Among other, the program will address the following questions: 1) How can collaboration between universities, research organizations and industry partners on test & demonstration activities be a vehicle to accelerate innovation processes? 2) What are the opportunities, challenges, and incentives for research and industry partners to work together, with future perspectives for Industry 4.0 and the green transition?

A full two-day physical meeting program for 15 high-level representatives from Danish universities, research organizations and private companies. Please find an updated version of the program below.
The program consists of meetings and small workshops, which require active involvement from participants.

By invitation only: Danish universities, GTS-institutes (Research & Technology Organizations), clusters and industry representatives will receive an invitation to participate.

Want to learn more?
Contact research & innovation attaché, Ulrik Kjølsen Olsen, Innovation Centre Denmark in Munich.


Day 1

Meeting with the Innovation Campus Future Mobility (ICM)

Established as a flagship project of the State of Baden-Württemberg established in 2019, ICM and its research partners, University of Stuttgart and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, as well as Fraunhofer Institutes, aims to produce new and pioneering technology by excellent fundamental and applied research in the fields of mobility and production. We will learn about ICM’s innovation and collaboration formats, such as Future Living Labs, researcher mobility schemes, as well as Innovation Challenges, which aims to bring researchers, start-ups and corporates together.

The Test & Demonstration Ecosystem in Stuttgart: S-TEC & Fraunhofer IPA - Robotics

The platform Stuttgart Technology and Innovation Campus (S-TEC) connects universities and Fraunhofer Institutes with industry in relation to test & demonstration facilities. We will meet with Fraunhofer IPA's Head of Robotics and industry partner FESTO on how test facilities can be a catalyst for short-term as well as long-term partnerships between research and industry.

Day 2

Karlsruhe Research Factory

Inaugurated in March 2022, the Karlsruhe Research Factory is a new development and demonstration center for the factory of the future. Here, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Fraunhofer ICT and IOSB pool their research in innovative production technologies and methods. Through targeted cooperation's, including so-called “Enterprise Labs” formed between companies and the research institutions involved, the aim is to more quickly develop new products, services and processes.

Mini-workshop & rounding off at Baden-Württemberg International

We return to Stuttgart, where we will round off the program through a mini-workshop at the new headquarters of the agency for business and science in Baden-Württemberg, BW-I. Furthermore, we hope to secure the participation of the "Allianz Industrie 4.0" network, which connects stakeholders from industry and research in technology transfer within Industry 4.0.

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